Hosting networking events can often become an increasingly complex organizational operation requiring long hours to launch an effective one. You need to find a warm and welcoming space where attendees can mingle with other guests, make new connections, and cultivate existing relationships. When they’re done the right way, these events can quickly become one of the most valuable tools in your corporate tool belt, but finding ways to breathe new life into them can often feel overwhelming. Fortunately, by choosing to host your next corporate networking event in Oaks, PA, with us, you can experience the difference. 

Here are some of our favorite ways to take your next networking event to the next level:

Define Your Niche

Have you gone to a networking event and found that the attendees have little in common with each other and feel like they were invited to the festivities at random? If you cast too wide a net with your guest list, the people in attendance lose out on one of the biggest draws of these types of events — forging new connections within your industry. 

Corporate networking events should have a narrowed focus, allowing your guests to meet and mingle with people from their industry outside their usual circle. As a result, they can begin to forge meaningful connections that can help push their business or career forward in valuable ways. 

Choose the Right Venue

After defining your niche, choosing the right venue for the event to match your intended audience is crucial. While scrappy young entrepreneurs might be more at home within the confines of a coffee shop, restaurant, or other small intimate space, people from larger firms may want a more formal affair with a space that reflects that atmosphere. Choosing a venue like the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks can give your networking event the air of authenticity your guests seek. 

Be Mindful of the Floor Plan

Networking events involve new and old acquaintances mingling, finding common ground, and fostering new relationships. Therefore, you want the floor plan of your event to encourage people to move around and interact with the other guests to get the process started. Having an open floor plan allows your guests to move around at their leisure, avoid having to dodge tables, chairs, and other obstacles, and meet people in an open forum. 

Don’t Forget the Food and Drinks

No networking event is complete without provided food and drinks. It’s part of the hook that helps get people in the door and builds up the guest list. Not only should you have food and drinks available at your event, but you should remember to keep the menu as inclusive as possible. Include vegetarian and vegan options to ensure you create an accommodating and welcoming atmosphere.

Trust the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center With Your Next Networking Event

When planning your next big networking event, you want a space to accommodate your guests and provide the best experience possible. With our robust event services in Oaks, PA, our event space has helped countless event organizers deliver an unforgettable experience. We can help you plan your event down to the finest details, from the layout, food, security, and more, to make your next corporate networking event the best yet. Contact us to learn more about our facility and schedule your next event today!