About Greater Philadelphia Expo & Fairgrounds

Welcome To Expo!

Our facility is one of the largest on the east coast, with up to 240,000 square feet of uninterrupted exhibition space on a single floor and 5+ acres of outdoor paved Fairgrounds.

With our professional decorating partners and flexible floorplan, the possibilities for each event are endless.

All the convenience, none of the hassle

At the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks, we offer all of the amenities of Philadelphia—proximity to downtown, access to public transit, world-class entertainment and lodging options—with none of the inflated costs and overcrowded space.

Variety & Location

We host expos and tradeshows, concerts and townhall meetings, corporate gatherings and church events, athletic competitions and dog shows, and much more. Our facility lends itself to every kind of event configuration, and our location central to Philadelphia’s five counties and the greater tri-state area allows for a large and varied audience within easy driving distance.

Professional & Efficient

We are privately-owned and industry professionals, drawing on many years of experience to bring the best shows to the Greater Philadelphia area community, and the best services to our show promoters.

We've Gone Solar

We recently installed the largest solar rooftop array in a Pennsylvania convention venue, with enough power to generate enough energy to power the 140+ events held here each year and more.