When it comes to your next big tournament, how you organize the event plays an essential role in its overall success. You want to make sure that every step of the process is precisely laid out for the players, coaches, volunteers, and your event organizers to ensure everyone has the best day possible. You don’t want any participants to feel like they did not get a fair shake and want everyone to get off on the right competitive foot. Here are some of the most common mistakes we have seen happen — and some tips for hosting a better indoor sports tournament. 

Prioritize the Registration Process and Provide Accurate Information

The registration process should be a smooth operation, getting all of the teams into the facility, double-checking their information is correct and directing them where they need to go. However, sometimes things can get lost in translation, documents can be misplaced, or your volunteers are given contradictory information. Mistakes can happen, but if they aren’t readily resolved, they can leave a bad taste in the mouth of everyone involved. 

One of the best ways to avoid hangups with the registration process is to have experienced team members on hand to address any issues swiftly. You can also get your volunteers together before the scheduled arrival times and go through each step of the intake process together. The more familiar they are with your approach, the less likely they will miss a crucial step. 

Ensure the Equipment Is Where It Needs to Be

Whether it’s a basketball, indoor soccer, pickleball, or even an eSports tournament, you need the right equipment ready to go as soon as the sports event participants are prepared. Taking the time to ensure that each court or game station has everything the players need to play the game on an even playing field is vital to the success of your tournament. No one wants to wait 30 minutes to an hour to track essential equipment. 

Have protocols in place to double and triple-check every spot where you’re going to have players actively participating. Ensure every court has the right balls and equipment set up before the start of registration. If you can set up days ahead of the actual event, use this extra preparation time to do a walk-through of the event day to ensure everyone is on the same page. 

Give Your Technology a Thorough Inspection

No matter what kind of tournament you’re running, you want to ensure that you have a clear way to tell the participants and spectators the score of the matches. You can also have a digital board in place to track the tournament’s progression — if everything works properly. Before your event starts, take the time to inspect any technology you’re relying on to host a successful event. Check that everything that needs batteries gets replacements, pieces that are supposed to light up do turn on, and time clocks are up to speed. 

Additionally, for eSports events, you want to ensure that your gaming area has the appropriate ethernet cables, LAN hookups, or reliable Wi-Fi to accommodate your incoming players. Gamers have a specific way they want their gaming rigs set up and connected to the internet, so you want to ensure your event can accommodate as many of these as possible. You can order your electrical drops and wired internet to your tables ahead of time using our easily online ordering portal. Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks is equipped with 10G commercial-grade fiber internet, 10G local network, and high-quality WiFi. 

Don’t Forget Sound Check

Some event organizers might focus on every other aspect of their event and neglect one vital area that can help make or break the entire tournament — sound quality. You want the sound system to be loud and crystal clear enough to relay important information about upcoming matches, tournament updates, and more. If your system sounds scratchy or unclear, it can ruin the experience for everyone involved. 

Have Established Crowd Control Protocols 

From the parking to the lines at the registration table and getting spectators where they need to go, crowd control and direction should be a critical part of the pre-planning procedure. Having clear signage detailing where people need to go and where to start forming lines can reduce confusion, bottlenecks, and other mishaps that can ruin the event day atmosphere. As soon as you book your venue and have a general headcount of how many people to expect, you can formulate your crowd control plan to help keep your event moving smoothly. 

Additionally, our staff encourages all event organizers to develop a plan with the help of safety and security professionals to ensure everyone’s safety. We can help make recommendations regarding what kind of medical and security services your team needs based on the size and nature of your sporting event. 

Injuries and accidents can happen on the court, which can incite the crowd and lead to charged emotions, which is where a sound safety plan can prove so beneficial. With the appropriate preparation and contingencies in place, everyone from the players, coaches, and attendees can feel safe and enjoy the event from start to finish. 

Choose the Right Venue With the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center

Now that you have some expert tips for hosting a better indoor sports tournament, you need to find the right venue. The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks has provided countless event organizers with a dynamic sports venue in Oaks, PA, for their tournaments. With a venue with the ideal amount of space, amenities, and experience hosting such events, you can ensure your next indoor tournament goes off without a hitch!

To learn more about our available event services, please contact us about hosting a tournament today!