Whether you have an upcoming trade show, convention, or event, you want to make the experience for your booths and attendees as smooth as possible. When you rent an event space, maximizing the square feet you have available in the convention center can help ensure everyone gets the most out of the experience. There are multiple ways to ensure that your event venue serves the needs of your attendees and ensures you have a successful event. 

Booth Layout Remains Important

With every room you have rented out for your event, the amount of square footage you have to play with becomes vital for your planning process. The size of your event, how many people have rented out booths, and the layout of the space plays a significant role. You want to give each booth enough space to set up, make it unique, and capture the attention of passersby. 

From an event planner’s perspective, you want the booth layout to flow logically and avoid potential logjams at any particular point. Keeping booths conveniently located for the visitors, booth runners, and organizers requires careful planning and designing the event space for everyone involved.

If you’re interested in a venue with plenty of space that can be customized to your event, our expo center could be just what you need. You can find information about our different floorplans, including their dimensions, clearspan, and electrical accesses, on the Facility Details page.

Lighting Choices Are Essential

How a space is lighted can mean the difference between the perfect venue and a forgettable one. Dimly lit rooms can become an immediate turn-off for attendees and negatively affect their experience. Ensuring the space itself has adequate and warm lighting can help make your upcoming event one to remember. When you book your event at our expo center, we can recommend partners offering event services, such as lighting, decoration, and AV services, so your event goes smoothly.

Keep Food and Beverages in Mind

The goal of any event is to keep your guests engaged and entertained for the duration of the event. However, to see everything your trade show has to offer, they will probably need to refuel at one point or another. Take into account whether your space has a food and beverage option or if you have to provide it for your guests. 

The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center has two on-site food courts that can be made available within your hall or in an adjacent hall. We also have on-site catering services that will help keep your guests and exhibitors well-fed for the entirety of your event. The choice between a buffet-style spread or a food court medley is entirely yours. 

Give Talks and Breakout Sessions Dedicated Spaces

Depending on the type of event you’re hosting, keynote speakers and specialized talks often are some of the biggest draws of your event. Organizing these talks into specific areas where both the speakers and attendees can feel comfortable, have the space to include everyone who wants to attend, and accommodate everyone’s needs is essential for the success of these sessions. Our expo center is equipped with five medium private meeting rooms that can be used for breakout sessions or small meetings.

Host Your Next Event at The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center!

Whether you’re planning a large trade show or a private event, having the ideal amount of space to accommodate your guests and exhibitors while ensuring everything flows smoothly is critical. Vetting any potential event space before you book it will help you decide if it has the dimensions, amenities, and capabilities your event needs to be successful. The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center offers the perfect combination of space, flow, and services to help take your event to the next level. 

Contact our team to learn more about our space and book it for your next event today!