Choosing the perfect exposition venue is one of the first steps along the way to putting on a successful event. From corporate event planning to organizing trade shows, you need to ensure that you choose the right location. When you’re planning any sort of event, keep the following priorities in mind to set your organization up for a great occasion.

Considerations for Choosing the Right Exposition Venue

In the 21st century, there are a few core accommodations — such as WiFi — that you simply can’t do without. Such things can generally be taken as a given, though some venues do lag behind in providing them. Beyond these basic needs, you need to ensure that the location, infrastructure, and human resources are up to your requirements.

Key Infrastructure

The scale of an event comes with logistical requirements that not all venues will be able to meet. For instance, does it have a sufficient amount of space as well as enough separate halls to accommodate your plans? Likewise, if it’s necessary to offload supplies from trucks, then dedicated loading docks will make a world of difference. An example of a site with these facilities is the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, which has designated offloading space as well as multiple halls to suit large events.

Accessible Location

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that choosing the right exposition venue means picking a place that people can actually reach. Part of this depends on your target audience and if it’s necessary to accommodate people who might not own cars. But even drivers can have trouble reaching a location in the heart of a busy city or someplace that’s too remote. Ideally, an expo center will be easy to reach from local population centers and the nearest airport.

Proximity to Amenities

Being close to attractions such as notable restaurants, malls, and other establishments reduces the burden on an exposition center while making events more enjoyable. If people can go shopping and get something to eat elsewhere during their time at your event, this means you’re less obligated to engage all guests all of the time or provide food and beverages. Likewise, being close to hotels means that you avoid having to arrange venue accommodation.

Support and Guidance for Clients

Depending on how you plan to go about your event, you’ll need different levels of service from the venue provider. Some offer fully managed services, but this takes control out of your hands while also increasing costs. It’s often ideal to be able to count on experienced hosts who don’t manage events on their own but who will offer advice and answer questions as you need them to.

Host Your Event at The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center

If you’re looking to choose the right exposition venue, you’re in the right place! The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center has everything that you need to make your event a success. We offer an extremely flexible space in a great location, with all of the resources and logistical support that an exposition needs to succeed.
Our expertise is at your disposal to help throughout the process. For more information about our promoter services and how we can help you make your next event a success, contact us today!